Femme Fatale Interview

Femme Fatale

When we realized we hadn’t interviewed any female airsoft players yet, the first person that came to mind as a possible interviewee was Kelly «Femme Fatale». As soon as we learned that she was going to participate in Warzone 6, we decided to contact her and «annoy» her with a few questions. Turns out she is not THAT lethal! Enjoy! Διαβάστε περισσότερα…

Interview with Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas

An active airsofter since 1995, he can be considered a «veteran» of the Airsoft community. Most might already know him from his articles in «Airsoft Action» magazine, others may have even met him in a field. Bill Thomas recently visited Greece in order to participate in «Warzone: The Final Assault» and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview him! Διαβάστε περισσότερα…

Interview with Simon «Tank» Jameson


He might not be one of those mainstream "Airsoft celebrities" that everyone usually talks about, but the strength of character and his passion for Airsoft and life in general, are remarkable! We are honored that Simon Tank Jameson agreed to answer our questions and hope that, one day, we'll be given the chance to meet him in the field! (hopefully on the same team, the guy's a beast)

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